It's often been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. While the saying has become cliched, the sentiment remains true. Kitchens are where you frequently gather with others to cook, eat, socialize, and make lasting memories.

Whether you’re a gourmet chef or a pop-it-in-the-microwave kind of cook, you will agree a kitchen that is too small, poorly designed, lacking in storage space, and suffering from poor lighting is no fun to spend any time in.

For homeowners in Fenton, Michigan, there is a solution to rectify any or all of those problems—or to simply enhance and modernize a kitchen you already love but that has more potential. By remodeling your kitchen, you can improve its function, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, and Top Choice Builders can help with our wide range of customized kitchen remodeling services.


What Does a Kitchen Remodel Include?

When you remodel your kitchen in Eastern Michigan, the project will include anything and everything you desire to achieve your priorities and transform the space as you envision. With a custom home remodeler, you can pick and choose what individual tasks will be included in your renovation project. That being said, there tend to be a few main components that play a role in many kitchen remodels. Here is a closer look at these individual components and some of your options:

Kitchen Cabinets

Some kitchen remodeling projects merely include tearing out your old kitchen cabinetry and installing newer models. Since cabinets are such a prominent feature in your kitchen, this project can significantly impact the look and feel of the room. While most cabinets are made of wood or wood-based materials, there are several options in terms of styles and finishes. You can choose basic, stock options for your cabinets or create an especially luxurious and personalized kitchen with custom cabinetry made specifically for your space.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have become a trendy feature for kitchens in Fenton, Michigan. Their appeal lies in the multiple uses they provide. With a kitchen island, you achieve extra storage and food preparation space, as well as an area for setting out dishes and socializing. You can also use kitchen islands to distinguish different areas in your kitchen. If your kitchen already contains an island, it may need to be updated with a new countertop made from popular materials, such as stainless steel, marble, polished granite, or refurbished wood. Your kitchen remodeling project also can include installing a new kitchen island into your space.           

Kitchen Layouts

A more extensive kitchen remodeling project includes changing the entire layout of the area. This is especially useful if you moved into a new home you didn’t design and are not entirely pleased with how traffic flows through the kitchen or other aspects of the floor plan. Additionally, as your family’s size and lifestyle changes, your priorities and needs do as well. Altering your kitchen layout to incorporate new features—such as a small dining nook, kitchen island, or cleaning zone—or to change the location of different appliances and functional areas is a way to keep the space up to date and aligned with your tastes and preferences. When your kitchen remodeling project in Fenton includes a change to the layout, however, you can expect the work to be more intensive as it often involves electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and framing work.

Kitchen Storage

Another common problem for homeowners in Fenton is a lack of adequate storage space in the kitchen. This problem undermines your kitchen’s efficiency and performance while also forcing you to leave more things cluttered around the room. At Top Choice Builders, we can help you design new kitchen storage solutions that blend seamlessly into your current design. From custom walk-in pantries and Windsor wall systems to various drawers, a deep cabinet organizer, or an appliance garage, there are numerous ways you can increase the storage capacity of your kitchen to maximize its usefulness and improve its appearance.

The Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink serves an important purpose and you may have more latitude with this feature than you think. If you’re a consummate home chef, you may want a large double undermount sink right next to your food preparation area. If your kitchen aesthetic tends toward country chic, a classic apron sink could be the right fit. There are also different material options for you to choose from, such as porcelain, stainless steel, bamboo, and enameled cast iron. Using certain materials, such as quartz composite or marble, you can integrate your kitchen sink right into your countertop. Simply put, your kitchen sink options are diverse, which enables you to find the perfect fit for both your most common kitchen uses, as well as the unique style you’ve created in the space.

For the best kitchen remodeling ideas, read Top Kitchen Ideas for 2020.

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

When you’re remodeling your kitchen with Top Choice Builders, you can expect a seamless process that empowers you to customize the project and achieve the vision you have for this important room in your Fenton home.

The kitchen remodeling journey typically begins with identifying the current elements and features you like or use often and those that cause frustration or have fallen into disrepair. From there, start putting together a wish list. Do you want more counter space to prepare meals? More storage space for pots, pans, and dishes? A walk-in pantry? An out-of-the-way nook for Fido’s or Fluffy’s food and water dishes? After all, they’re family, too. A few other questions to ask yourself as you’re working through your custom kitchen remodel design include:

  • How many people ate in the kitchen during meal preparation?
  • What's your cooking style: Serious chef or fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants?
  • What about cleanup? Can you give marble countertops the care and attention they need, or are paper plates and red Solo cups your style?
  • What else is the kitchen used for? Is it party central, an office, and a classroom rolled into one, or is it used only to make sandwiches and microwave dinners?
  • Are there other amenities you want included? A desk for a computer? A place to charge your tablet? Recycling bins?
  • What about storage for those once-a-year holiday dishes, like your turkey roaster?

With your wish list and approximate budget in hand, the next step of the process is partnering with our team at Top Choice Builders. Whether you’re looking for fabulous or functional, your artistic vision coupled with our space planning knowledge results in a kitchen that beautifully meets your needs—whatever they may be—including special accommodations such as varying countertop heights, replacing lower cabinets with drawers, or even designing a layout for left-handed individuals.

Once the design phase is complete, we move onto construction and execute your plan carefully and conscientiously with our team of subcontractors. We also handle purchasing materials, acquiring permits, setting up inspections, and thoroughly cleaning up the worksite when the project is over.

Cost of a Kitchen Remodel Near Fenton, Michigan

The cost of your kitchen remodel in Eastern Michigan depends on several factors, including the scope of the project, whether you’re preserving the existing layout or restructuring the space, any unique or complex challenges posed by your kitchen, and what new features and/or appliances you’re installing. Typically, kitchen remodels range between $10,000 for a minor project to $60,000 for a major remodel that involves upscale finishes and features. The average cost for a kitchen remodel in Fenton is about $27,000, but it is considered a worthwhile investment, as the typical return on investment (ROI) of renovating your kitchen is about 60%.

There are various ways to control the cost of your kitchen remodeling project through the materials and finishes you choose. For example, you can opt for refacing your existing cabinets or choosing stock models instead of selecting custom or semi-custom cabinetry. Countertops, sinks, flooring, and appliances all come in a variety of material types and grades, enabling you to select the options that fit both your design aesthetic and your budget.  

Working with a Kitchen Remodeler

Even before you begin a remodeling project at your home in Fenton, you will make an important choice that impacts the cost, timeliness, and efficiency of the renovation. That is which firm you select as your kitchen remodeler. At Top Choice Builders, we can guide you through designing your renovation and making selections to achieve the function and style you want. From there, our refined construction process ensures the plans are executed smoothly and efficiently—just as the heart of your home deserves.

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