If you’re seeking more space in your home, it could be right under your feet! Finished basements are a treasure trove of additional space for living and entertaining.


Finished Basements Considerations…

A playroom for the children with kid-friendly, custom cabinets for storing toys?
An adult get-away with a home theatre system and wet bar?
A guest living space with private bedroom, bath and egress window?
A laundry room that you enjoy spending time in?

Top Choice Builders know that there are many aspects of a successful finished basement project. With proper preparation, we can nip potential problems in the bud. For example, most unfinished basements have cement walls and floors. We’ll take a look for any signs of water damage and address the source. We’ll also look for cracks in the basement/foundation walls and repair that damage.

No doubt you know someone who has had a basement refinished, only to find it’s still damp and feels musty. A properly installed vapor barrier prevents moisture from seeping through. And don’t forget insulation, which will add another layer of moisture control, deaden sound, and keep your new basement at the proper temperature. And speaking of temperature, baseboard heating will keep your basement warm and cozy.

And if the thought of a drop ceiling brings an office to mind, there are plenty of attractive options available that will still allow easy access to plumbing and electrical lines, and can easily accommodate recessed lighting that won’t take up valuable overhead space.

And of course, there are myriad options for walls, flooring, cabinetry and more! The possibilities for your basement remodel are limited only by your imagination. The designers and builders at Top Choice Builders can create a customized finished basement, turning unfinished into unbelievable! Our experts will eliminate the dark and dank to create a bright and comfortable living space that allows you and your family to enjoy your home to its fullest. 

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